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Andromeda hotel sifnos
Andromeda sifnos hotel Hotel Andromeda in Sifnos Ξενοδοχείο Ανδρομέδα στη Σίφνο Andromeda Hotel in Sifnos Andromeda Hotel a Sifnos

A few words about Sifnos

Sifnos belongs to the complex of the western Cyclades and it located between the adjoining island of Serifos, Milos and Paros.

Its area is 74 and it is 75 miles away from Piraeus. The duration of the trip by a conventional car ferry is 5 hours and by the speedboats about 3 hours.

The main occupations of the 3000 residents of the island are mainly agriculture, cattle-breeding, fishing, pottery and the tourism sector.

According to the most prevalent version, the island was named after Sifnos, the settler of the island, who was the son of the Attic hero Sounios.

The beaches of the island are clean and they cover all tastes. Golden sandy beaches and beaches with pebbles, some of which are organized with parasols and sun-beds, with blue waters, are waiting for their visitors. Here are some of the beaches of Sifnos: Chrisopigi, Apokofto, Faros, Glipho, Fasolou, Vathy, Cheronisos, Kamares, Vroulidia and many more.

The most important ornaments of Sifnos are its villages. Paved alleys, yards full of flowers, traditional mansions, picturesque taverns and cafés are waiting for you to visit them. Here are some of the villages that you must visit in Sifnos: Exabela, Artemonas, Kastro, Faros and of course Apollonia, which is the capital of Sifnos.