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Andromeda hotel sifnos
Andromeda sifnos hotel Hotel Andromeda in Sifnos Ξενοδοχείο Ανδρομέδα στη Σίφνο Andromeda Hotel in Sifnos Andromeda Hotel a Sifnos

The location of Andromeda

Andromeda is situated only 800 meters from the center of Apollonia, where the heart of the island’s nightlife beats.

With the village Exambela, that is located SE of Apollonia, ends the sequence of central settlements of Sifnos. At the entrance of the village, you will find the Arades, a series of ten windmills more or less well preserved.

Exabela is the native village of the poet and academic Aristomenis Provelegios (1850-1936) and of the great master of cooking and confectionery Nikolaos Tslementes (1878-1958).

To the south, outside the village and on the right side of the carriageway, you will find the monastery of the Virgin Mary of Vrisiani (1642).

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